7217 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

Una vera esperienza Siciliana. A true Sicilian experience right here in Brooklyn, starting with the name Amuni or let’s go in Sicilian dialect, finishing with cannoli and everything in between. The Chef/Owner Vincent has compiled a mouthwatering menu featuring a variety of authentic Sicilian fare including Caponata, Carduna, and Sfincione, just to name a few. With his family originating from Marineo, Sicily and attending Italian Culinary and Oenology School located in the Italian Castle of Costigliole d’Astri himself (check out the picture in the bathroom), Vincent serves up genuine Italian deliciousness and will not disappoint.

My husband and I were so excited to hear about a new Sicilian restaurant that had recently opened in our neighborhood and could not wait to try it out! We travel to Sicily very often to visit my in-laws as my husband was born and raised in Palermo. Every visit consists of catching up with family and eating as much Sicilian goodness as possible! Now, in between our visits, we can consume as much Sicilian goodness as possible – close to home!

Our order:

Pasta al Forno (side note: look at the beautiful floor!)

Pasta al Forno is one of my absolute favorite dishes! My daughter and I shared this and devoured it in no time. FYI it is a 3 year old approved!

Panelle Sandwich

Panelle are Sicilian chickpea flour fritters. They are popular street food in Palermo and are usually eaten as a sandwich called pane e panelle. Squeeze on a little lemon, dig in and be transported to the streets of Palermo!

Mini Cannoli

Any meal ending with cannoli is a meal done right! These minis were perfectly executed with a fresh crunchy shell, smooth cannoli cream and crushed pistachios topped with powdered sugar.

All three of us really enjoyed our first meal at Amuni. Great food, great service and great atmosphere. This was definitely the first of many and we are looking forward to try everything that Amuni have to offer!

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