Amuni – Brooklyn, NY

7217 3rd Ave, Brooklyn Una vera esperienza Siciliana. A true Sicilian experience right here in Brooklyn, starting with the name Amuni or let’s go in Sicilian dialect, finishing with cannoli and everything in between. The Chef/Owner Vincent has compiled a mouthwatering menu featuring a variety of authentic Sicilian fare including Caponata, Carduna, and Sfincione, just … Continue reading Amuni – Brooklyn, NY

FINDERS SEEKERS mystery box – discount code included

Finders Seekers is indeed 'a thrilling mystery delivered to your door' as their website states. What better way to spend an evening than sipping a a glass of white and racking your brain attempting to solve a good mystery. Sounds like the perfect evening to me and it was. 7p.m - It's just me, my … Continue reading FINDERS SEEKERS mystery box – discount code included