KidyStars Review

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well as we enter this holiday season. If your family is anything like mine, we always go overboard with the presents but it makes everything more fun! Every day a different family member is asking me what they should get my daughter for Christmas. We recently received KidyStars … Continue reading KidyStars Review

Amuni – Brooklyn, NY

7217 3rd Ave, Brooklyn Una vera esperienza Siciliana. A true Sicilian experience right here in Brooklyn, starting with the name Amuni or let’s go in Sicilian dialect, finishing with cannoli and everything in between. The Chef/Owner Vincent has compiled a mouthwatering menu featuring a variety of authentic Sicilian fare including Caponata, Carduna, and Sfincione, just … Continue reading Amuni – Brooklyn, NY

FINDERS SEEKERS mystery box – discount code included

Finders Seekers is indeed 'a thrilling mystery delivered to your door' as their website states. What better way to spend an evening than sipping a a glass of white and racking your brain attempting to solve a good mystery. Sounds like the perfect evening to me and it was. 7p.m - It's just me, my … Continue reading FINDERS SEEKERS mystery box – discount code included