Decker Farm

Decker Farm (ca. 1810) is located in Staten Island, NY and is New York City’s oldest continuously working family style farm. The farm was designated a historical landmark in 1967 and was guaranteed preservation in 2003 by the Staten Island Historical Society. This is a small hidden gem in the big city.

It is a rarity for the three of us to be free from school and work on the same day so when we all had off for Columbus Day/ Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we jumped at the chance to have a little family fall fun! Not wanting to drive too far, we decided to visit a local farm 10 minutes from our home. Usually, the farm is only open on the weekends, which makes it difficult for us as these are the busiest days for our small business. Based off a hunch I had, I checked their website and they were indeed open on Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day! My heart was happy and my fingers got clicking to purchase tickets. Our family could finally do a fun fall activity together!

The weather was perfect, the goodies were yummy, and a great time was had by all. The DJ was throwing it back to MJ while patrons snacked on apple cider and pumpkin pie. Bubbles filled the air by way of the children’s toys being sold next to the sand art tent. “Paint is messy” read the sign in front of the picnic tables designated for pumpkin decorating.

Pumpkin chucking, mazes, and scarecrows – oh my! After purchasing a ticket for pumpkin chucking at the snack counter, we made our way over to chuck some pumpkins. While it may not be the famous Punkin Chunkin event, it was a fun activity for the kids to catapult some pumpkin chunks through the air. The pumpkin selection was a little deficient but perfect for my 5 year old daughter. She had a blast hopping through the field examining all of the pumpkins. Pumpkin picking is serious business and should not be taken lightly! We each chose a little pumpkin to bring home to decorate. It was a perfect fun-filled family day.

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