We did it! We made the move across the bridge and just like that: we are homeowners! The next step in our lives is not only a goal reached but a dream come true. We are so in love with our new home.

For the most part, my husband and I have different styles and different ways of going about things. He’s more of a modern guy while I am a farmhouse/country-chic type of gal. It is such a difficult task to decorate anything together. He likes cool tones while I try to always add a touch of warmth to everything. I want my home to be cozy and give you the desire to curl up with a good book and a warm beverage (or glass of vino). While we have only been in our new home for about a week, we are eager to get passed the unpacking and start to decorate. Wish us luck with trying to marry our opposite styles together! As I am going through all of our belongings, I cannot help but ask myself “why did you bring all of this?”. I don’t know when I collected all of this unnecessary nonsense! I am just so thankful we did not have to haul everything ourselves!

If you have moved, then you know how torturous it can be, especially in NYC. Without any local residing family, we were stressing out about getting all of our furniture and belongings down the stairs of our 3rd floor walk up. There was no way we could do it alone. Finally, we gave in and started our search for movers. We called place after place and their prices were outrageous. Finally, we got in touch with Solidarity Movers. They were a godsend!

photo credit : Solidaritymovers.com

Our experience with Solidarity Movers was fantastic from the start. Zak and his team were courteous, professional and a pleasure from the first contact to the to the follow up email ensuring our satisfaction. Everything could not have gone smoother. These guys are fast, efficient and extremely respectful. They took care of our belongings and were constantly asking where we wanted everything and if we were happy with the placement of our furniture. We could not be happier or more satisfied with the service Solidarity Movers provided us with.

Like most people, the more storage you have, the more crap, in plain English, you accumulate! I am on the search for closet systems and basically anything that will help me with organizing my crap! I try to stay organized but it gets away from me so quickly. If anyone has any suggestions on staying organized or any product recommendations on helping with organization, please feel free to leave me comments!

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  1. When we did our most recent big move — a whole houseful of people and stuff across state lines, a friend said something hilarious as he observed all our activity. “I think I’d rather just burn my old house down.” I secretly agreed. But, congrats on your new home!!

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