New York Times has published their top travel destinations for 2020. Number 1 is the US’s very own Washington! Check out the list, you may be surprised at some of the choices.

10 Replies to “52 Places to go in 2020 – New York Times”

  1. A fantastic list and lots of places I would like to go and I was pleased to see I had been to … only three? Saltsburg once in February for a tiny bargain break, beautiful with snow. Paris a few times and was England even going to get a mention – yes the Lake District a good few times, it is beautiful and busy being so popular, it also rains a lot, but that is why it is so green and lovely. If you count the rest of my family we have covered quite a few of these.

  2. Gorgeous photos and recommendations. I’m happy to say I counted about 8 that I’ve been to, but also surprised that some places are not included that I find irresistible.

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