Finders Seekers is indeed ‘a thrilling mystery delivered to your door’ as their website states. What better way to spend an evening than sipping a a glass of white and racking your brain attempting to solve a good mystery. Sounds like the perfect evening to me and it was.

7p.m – It’s just me, my glass of white and Finders Seekers box. The husband and mini me are in the mist of a post holiday snuggle fest and I am ready to tear into this mystery!

This box subscription was given to me as a Christmas gift. Each month a mystery box gets delivered right to your house. This box is filled with evidence that will aid you in solving a crime. Once you’ve opened the box, you will find a letter providing you with a very brief description of the theme and a list of evidence that you should find in the box. These items are used for decoding cryptic messages, solving puzzles, etc. Once you are set to begin, you log onto a website provided in the aforementioned letter. Upon solving each puzzle, you are given a clue. When all of the puzzles have been deciphered, you must utilize the clues to solve the crime.

From start to finish took about 3 hours. I have to admit, I thought this was going to be another cheesy mystery game but I was pleasantly surprised. There were moments where I was genuinely stumped. I enjoyed solving this mystery and am looking forward to my future deliveries.

Check out their website and use the code NEWSEEKER to get $5 off your mystery box!

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