Jonathan Rockefeller, the creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show, has given us yet another great production that debuted earlier this month. When a friend of mine offered me tickets, I accepted without hesitation! Paddington Bear has been a household name since the 1950’s. He is in our homes and our hearts via books, movies and television shows. A new Paddington Bear series is set to launch next month on Nickelodeon.

Paddington Bear is a kind hearted, well mannered bear with good intentions. Although his intentions are indeed good, things seem to go arigh quite often. In the end, everything always seems to workout. This is an important message that resonates with children as they can relate to it.

In the play, Paddington asks to borrow a cup of sugar from his neighbor, Mr. Curry. Upon knocking on the door, Paddington finds his neighbor in a panic because he is expecting his great aunt Matilda to arrive any second. Paddington offered to help with Mr. Curry’s unfinished to-do list. Despite Paddington’s efforts, things don’t go as planned. The bathroom floods, the cake gets destroyed, the curtains get vacuumed and this is just to name a few failed tasks. To stay true to Paddington’s message, everything works out in the end.

Although the show is recommended for 4-9 year olds, my 3 year old and her little friend loved it! The kids were laughing the entire time and us parents got a chuckle in here and there as well. I recommend it to anyone with small children.

The production is playing at DR2 Theatre, located in Union Square and is easily accessible by subway.

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